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4 healthy food swaps for the holidays

The holidays are notorious for weight gain thanks to the seemingly-endless buffets featuring high-calorie foods. Help Phentermine 37.5mg work for you this holiday with these healthy food swaps that limit how many sweet and high-fat foods you consume. Keep them in mind for holiday parties and all other seasonal gatherings.

Champagne Instead Of Eggnog

The carbonation content in champagne makes many people drink it slower. If you are among these people, opt for the bubbly stuff at holiday events instead of eggnog. Even a non-alcoholic cup of eggnog features nearly 350 calories, 19 grams of fat, and 21 grams of sugar! Champagne boasts significantly fewer calories to help you stay slim this holiday; however, it’s important to limit the number of glasses you have.

Frozen Grapes Instead Of Candy

Don’t let trays of holiday candies derail your weight loss efforts this holiday. Get your sweet fix from frozen grapes and other fruits instead. If you can’t give up the sweet stuff, opt for dark chocolate that contains antioxidants. It also prevents blood sugar spikes and crashes so you don’t find yourself wanting more chocolate.

Pumpkin Pie Instead Of Pecan Pie

Pumpkin pie doesn’t feature nearly as many calories and fat as another holiday staple, pecan pie. If you can’t give up pie this holiday, stick to pumpkin, and add low-fat whipped cream as the topping instead of ice cream.

Avocados Instead Of Heavy Cream

Use fresh avocados to make chocolate puddings or any other puddings instead of heavy cream. The former provides a healthy, unsaturated form of fat, while the latter features far too much saturated fat. Avocados are also incredibly good for your heart and keep you satiated.
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