How you grocery shop makes all the difference when it comes to fast weight loss. Ensure you are not making these common mistakes to help Phentermine pills work their magic, as the miracle weight loss drugs do best when they are complemented by a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Not Reading Nutrition Labels

When you don’t read nutrition labels, you can easily add tons of unhealthy fat, sugar, and sodium to your diet, as well as all kinds of processed additives and chemicals. Get in the habit of reading every nutrition label and look for foods with few ingredients, preferably whole ingredients instead of chemicals. As a general rule, if you cannot pronounce an ingredient on the label, put it back on the shelf.

Shopping At Big Box Stores]

While shopping at big box stores is a way to save money, it also means buying lots of items in bulk. This can be dangerous to quick weight loss efforts when those bulk foods include cookies, candy, and other white flour products, family-size bags of chips and other salty snacks, etc. Stick to farmer’s markets as much as possible and save big box shopping for non-perishable items such as paper towels or foods you know you will not consume a lot of in one sitting, such as canned goods.

Getting Free Sample-Happy

Those free samples of cheese and crackers, meat and crackers, cake, and other high-fat foods add up quickly when you stop at each station or go back for more. Skip the free sample stations to avoid unintentionally adding lots of calories to your daily diet. Try one if you simply have to, but that’s it.

Shopping While Hungry

This is one of the biggest grocery store mistakes anyone can make. You are much more likely to make poor food choices when you are starving, so eat a fiber and protein-rich meal or snack before you go.

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