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4 friendly tips for an upcoming concert event

Concerts are a summer staple for many, and often include consuming fattening food and drinking more than a few libations. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg and are concerned about an upcoming concert derailing your efforts, there are many ways to enjoy the show and stay on track. Review top tips here. 

Eat a Filling Meal Beforehand

A nutrient-dense, filling meal keeps you satiated throughout the concert, so you aren’t tempted by fare such as giant soft pretzels, ice cream, and other salty and sugary snacks. Opt for a meal high in filling nutrients such as protein, healthy fat, and fiber, which makes it easy to bypass the food vendors. Try to eat about an hour before you have to leave so your food has time to settle and you don’t deal with upset stomach issues. 

Limit the Booze

Alcohol is full of empty calories, lowers inhibitions to make poor food choices more likely, and slows your metabolism. It also increases the risk of eating greasy food the next day because you don’t feel too great. By limiting your imbibing or saying no to booze entirely, you won’t have to worry about ingesting a large amount of unnecessary calories. You’ll also feel a lot fresher the following morning. 

Opt For Healthy Snacks 

There are usually a diverse range of food vendors at concerts, depending on the venue. If you get really hungry, see if there are any salad options available, or other healthy options, such as veggie and chicken wraps. Grilled chicken dishes are also options. Remember, consider whether you are really hungry before making a purchase, since it’s not uncommon for people to make food choices for emotional reasons. 

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