4 Foods Hurting Your Weight Loss Goals | Weight Loss Efforts

Knowing what to eat–and what not to eat–for weight loss is a continuing education process.

Review foods to avoid and subsequently help fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg. 


The breakfast staple might seem like a healthy alternative to donuts and bagels with cream cheese, especially when they come loaded with blueberries or other fruit. Yet muffins feature little fiber and are high in sugar, making them an unhealthy way to start your day. If you can’t give up the breakfast food, make your own at home using whole wheat flour and honey or real maple syrup instead of sugar. 

Salad Dressing

Salad mixes containing fresh greens and other raw vegetables and fruits help weight loss efforts, and boost overall health. However, most commercial dressings turn healthy salads into calorie bombs. Such dressings contain canola or soybean oils, artificial colors and flavors, trans fat, added sugars, and sodium-heavy preservatives. As with muffins, it’s a good idea to make dressing at home rather than purchasing it from the grocery store to save calories. 

Protein Bars

Many protein bars are high in sugar and fat, with the same true for energy bars. Stick to whole and lean protein sources instead to get what you need, such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, Greek yogurt, and eggs. They’ll keep you full without the weight loss-unfriendly additives. 

Low-Fat Dairy

Dairy products claiming to be low in fat or “fat-free” typically contain added sugars that hinder weight loss efforts. Opt for full-fat dairy products in moderation, such as Greek yogurt, and add natural sweeteners, such as berries. It is best to stay away from “low fat” and “not fat” foods in general due to added sugar and preservative content. For more about quick weight loss with Phentermine pills, please contact DrToHelp.com today.