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Walking is a workout almost anyone can do regardless of their age and fitness level. If you are over 50 and want to walk your way to a slimmer, trimmer body with help from Phentermine 37.5mg, review these tips from experts. 

Use Weights

Add small hand weights to your walking regimen and increase the weight as you go to boost your efforts. You could also try a weighted vest, ankle or wrist weights, a belt, or backpack. 

“Even just a few extra pounds on a walk can help improve your bone density while improving your overall health from the exercise,” says Steve Stonehouse, NASM, CPT, USATF. 

Try Interval Walking

Change your pace as you go for added heart-healthy benefits. 

“The goal is to spike your heart rate, which will improve your cardiovascular endurance and make you fitter,” notes Stonehouse. “You can use the above exercise for walk/run and simply choose to speed walk instead.” 

Opt For Short, Frequent Walks

Get your heart rate up throughout the day by focusing on short walks every few hours instead of one long walk in the morning or evening.

“Try a morning walk for your dog, then you can spread out 10–15-minute walks every 3-4 hours,” Stonehouse says. 

Incorporate Running or Jogging

See if you can run or jog at various points during your walk unless an injury or health issue prevents it. 

“The running will help improve bone density from the pressure you had while running but walking will allow you to maintain some level of low intensity exercise and protect your joints,” the fitness expert notes. “Physical activity is not only key to maintaining a lean body but also maintaining and improving mobility,” he adds. 

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