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4 Fantastic Diet Trends From 2019, According To Experts

Diet trends change every year, with some sticking in the collective conscious and others criticized for promoting unhealthy habits or unsustainable weight loss. Learn about some of the best diet trends from the past year as part of your commitment to weight loss in the new year and beyond. These trends work in conjunction with Phentermine 37.5mg to help you lose the most weight in the shortest time frame.

Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based diets are low in processed foods and high in whole, non-animal foods to promote radiant health.

“A trend towards a more plant-based diet is encouraging. I anticipate that more people will begin to decrease their intake of animal products in 2020, especially as more plant-based protein alternatives become available,” says registered dietitian Ashley Reaver, RD.

Mediterranean Diet

The mediterranean diet may partially emphasize carbs, but that doesn’t make it a weight loss enemy.

“We are too carb-phobic! Our bodies are supposed to burn glucose for energy,” says registered dietitian Rachel Berman, RD. “I understand monitoring portions and amounts, but certain trends (like the keto diet) take it to an extreme by encouraging you to limit carbohydrate-rich fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for health.”

Vegan Diet

Vegan diets don’t mean forgoing protein, an important nutrient for fast weight loss and overall health. There are many non-animal protein sources to select from, including hemp and flaxseed.

“True, a vegan diet is restrictive. But it can certainly also be done in a healthful way with proper supplementation and intake,” says Reaver.

Clean Eating

People want to know where their food comes from, and rightly so.

The definition of ‘clean eating’ depends on who you ask—there is no official definition—but most people agree that the core tenet of eating ‘clean’ is eating more whole foods and fewer packaged foods,” says Alyssa Pike, RD, Manager, Nutrition Communications, International Food Information Council Foundation.

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