4 Everyday Activities That Burn Serious Calories  - Drtohelp.com

Working out does not always have to be a “formal occasion.” There are many activities that blast calories and help Phentermine 37.5mg do its job. Review a few ideas here to inspire your informal workout efforts.

Lawn/Yard Care

Maintaining your lawn and gardens not only contributes to curb appeal, it helps you get in amazing shape. Activities such as raking leaves, weeding, and shoveling snow are all fantastic workouts. 

“Aside from the low impact and cardiovascular benefits, mowing the lawn requires a lot of functional movement primal patterns in the process of set up, mowing the lawn and clean up,” notes Nike master trainer Brian Nunez. 

“Your body can’t tell the difference between bending over to pull out a weed and bending down to pick up a kettlebell,” adds personal trainer Robert S. Herbst. 

Running Errands

Walking to and from your errands naturally burns calories, especially when you’re carrying heavy bags, because it adds a strength training element. You’re also lifting potentially-heavy items into your cart and pushing said cart as it becomes weightier and weighter. Spending 45 minutes to an hour on errands is subsequently a great way to burn more calories and fat. 

Walking the Dog

Your favorite four-legged friend needs exercise as much as you do and everyone else does. Aim for several 15-minute sessions or two or three longer sessions per day to burn calories and reach your weight loss goal. The dog will love the extra time outside as well. 

House Cleaning

Keeping up with housework is another calorie-burner. Housekeeping activities can include carrying various items up and down stairs and from one room to another, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting high and low areas, all of which contribute to fast weight loss. 

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