4 Essential Weight Loss Tips - Drtohelp.com

While everyone’s weight loss journey is different, there are universal rules that each person should follow to shed extra pounds quickly. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg or plan to soon, review the following tips to ensure the results you want. 

Avoid Becoming “Hangry”

Forget depriving yourself, as it does nothing for weight loss. Not only will your body cling to the fat it has because it goes into “starvation mode,” you are more likely to binge because you are “starving.” Eat protein and fiber with every meal, as well as measured doses of healthy fat to avoid these problems. 

Make Your Health & Well-Being the Main Focus

Concentrate on losing weight for your physical and mental health. 

“In our vanity-obsessed world, it’s tough to let go of using the number on the scale as a guide around ‘optimal’ body size and health. However, research is pretty clear that people who focus on health-related goals when aiming to improve dietary habits are much happier and more likely to lose weight than people who obsess overreaching a very specific number on the scale, says Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD.

Keep a Food Journal

Dedicate a notebook to what you eat every day. It’s much easier to hold yourself accountable when you have to write down what you eat. A food journal helps you make healthier food choices as a result because you won’t want to add “two donuts” or “three cupcakes” to your daily intake list. 

Make Choices Instead of Rules

Get in the habit of making healthy choices instead of setting harsh rules that can make you feel deprived. You’ll feel more in control of your weight loss journey, and subsequently feel happier and less stressed. For example, if you’ve been thinking about a bagel with cream cheese, tell yourself you’ll enjoy it on your “cheat day” and have avocado toast instead. 

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