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4 easy ways to lose 5 pounds

Stubborn last five pounds” has become a weight loss hurdle for many, yet it doesn’t have to be. Whatever your motivation is for losing five pounds, make it easier on yourself with Phentermine 37.5mg complemented by a healthy diet and exercise route…..and by putting these tips into practice.

Register For An Athletic Event

Hold yourself accountable to those last five pounds by signing up for an athletic competition or race. Training for the event makes putting extra pounds to bed easy, especially since they typically include eating more protein such as eggs. The dairy product has become a fast weight loss staple due to its status as a bioavailable protein source. This means the body digests, absorbs, and uses egg protein better than any other protein source on Earth.

Cook In Bulk

Prepare food for the week so you are less likely to order takeout and eat at restaurants, as such food is notoriously high in sodium, sugar, saturated fat, and trans fat. Rather than eating takeout because you are too tired from work to cook, make healthy weekday meals easy by preparing options on the weekend. Stews and soups are easy to make in bulk, as are salads. Preparing whole grains that take awhile to cook also helps, such as boiling rice.

Drink More Water

Save money on canned and bottled beverages by keeping your reusable water bottle full. The essential liquid helps flush fat cells from the body while also contributing to feelings of fullness. Sugar-heavy beverages such as soda are full of empty calories, as is beer and all other libations.

Increase Your Activity Level

Burn more calories every day to say goodbye to five pounds. Walk or ride your bike to work, walk to and from errands, always take the stairs, and use spare minutes to do lunges, run in place, perform jumping jacks, etc.

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