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4 diet tips for the week between christmas & new year’s

The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is challenging for many. Leftovers are seemingly everywhere, as are Christmas treats such as candies, cookies, and assorted popcorn and salted nut tins. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5 and don’t want to get too far off your diet game during this holiday week, keep these tips in mind.

Indulge Earlier In The Day

If you can’t resist a sweet or otherwise high fat treat, try to consume it early in the day. Doing so gives you time to burn it off, especially if you get a workout or other calorie-burning activity in. Late night snacking makes it easy to gain holiday weight because you’re eating a large number of calories right before going to bed.

Stay On The Exercise Train

Exercise is key to weight management and overall health regardless of the time of year, but especially during the holidays when calorie-laden foods abound. Keep up with your exercise routine in the week between Christmas and New Year’s so you don’t feel like the pounds are piling on. It will also keep your energy level up to help you enjoy assorted events with family and friends on your days off.

Keep Drinking Water

Limit leftover holiday libations in favor of water. Hydration is essential to preventing hunger since too many people confuse thirst with the need to eat. Water also helps you feel full and eliminate fat cells through urine.

Don’t Forget About Protein

Get your recommended protein intake throughout this holiday week to keep you from making poor food decisions. Protein takes longer for the body to digest so you feel full and uninterested in that plate of cookies or leftover lasagna.

Happy holidays! For more on Phentermine pills and fast weight loss, please contact today.

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