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4 diet tips for thanksgiving

As fun as Thanksgiving is, it can be a dieter’s nightmare. Fattening foods abound, from the appetizers to the desserts. If you recently started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and do not want this year’s festivities to injure your efforts, use these tips to enjoy a healthier Thanksgiving.

Fill Up On Veggies

There’s usually plenty of vegetable options at Thanksgiving, from veggie appetizer trays to steamed and grilled options. Fill your plate with vegetables to give yourself a nice dose of fiber so you feel fuller for longer. Stay away from the fattening dips and anything fried to get more from your vegetable helpings.

Avoid Gravy

In addition to limiting your vegetable dip intake, try to avoid huge helpings of gravy atop simple carbs such as mashed potatoes. Try to decrease how much sauce you consume as well if it’s of the cheesy variety.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Keep up with your water intake so you don’t mistake thirst for hunger. Water helps you feel full so you are less likely to indulge. It also dilutes any alcohol you consume, which also helps your weight loss efforts. Alcoholic is notoriously high in empty calories in addition to lowering your inhibitions and making poor food choices more likely.

Don’t Make Yourself Miserable

As important as it is to make smart food choices during holiday events, it is equally important not to deprive yourself. If you do eat more than you wanted to, make up for it over the next few days with slimming food choices and regular exercise. You can also decide to make one or two indulgence choices, such as savoring an expensive glass of wine or a decadent piece of cheesecake. Enjoy them instead of feeling bad!

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