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4 Diet-Conscious Tips For Playoff Season

Football season has started. Baseball season is almost over, but the playoffs are about to begin. If you are a sports fan who recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss, what you eat during the baseball playoffs and football games is key to staying on track. To help you make diet-conscious decisions, review the following tips. 

Enjoy a High-Protein Meal Before the Game

Protein is an essential weight loss nutrient because it takes time for the body to digest and helps you stay satiated. Enjoy a high-protein meal prior to the game to make smarter food choices throughout. Those chips and dips will seem significantly less tempting if you’re full.

Work Out on Game Days

Research shows that it’s easier to make healthy food choices throughout the day if you work out in the morning. Get some exercise on game days, such as going for brisk walks, engaging in favorite workout routines, and playing with the family dog. Whether you like formal working out or have other resources at your disposal, such as a pool or local park, you’ll feel great about the calories you just burned. It therefore becomes easier to say no to cookies or high-calorie beverages. 

Lay Off the Beer

Beer is not only high in calories, it is also high in carbs. It is subsequently one of the worst beverages you can drink in terms of weight loss and overall health. If you must drink beer on game days, stick to the lightest options available and stagger your intake. Light beer is high in water, unlike craft beers that are high in gluten and carbs. 

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Deprivation often leads to binging. Rather than depriving yourself throughout the playoff season, allow indulgences such as a favorite treat or glass of wine. You won’t feel compelled to eat as much as a result! 

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