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4 Common Diet Mistakes That Affect Weight Loss Efforts

If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss, what you eat is just as important as how often you work out. The miracle diet pill is substantially more effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. To help you make diet-conscious food choices, review common mistakes to avoid. 

Late-Night Snacking

Eating late at night is never a good idea! 

“Late-night snacking can sabotage your best weight loss efforts during the day,” says Melissa Mitri, MS, RD, “leading to excess calories, often from less healthful foods like chips and desserts.” She says to “Plan ahead by having balanced snack options on hand, such as popcorn, fruit, or veggies and hummus.”

Not Eating Enough During the Day

Consuming too little food during the day is not the key to quick weight loss. 

“Eating too little throughout the day can have the opposite effect on your metabolism, causing you to feel more ravenous and overeat later on,” Mitri notes. 

Skipping Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is another weight loss must.

“Daily breakfast consumption is protective against weight gain because it fills you up, causing you to feel fewer hunger pangs and food cravings later on,” says Mitri. She adds, “Eating a balanced breakfast every morning helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, which can intensify hunger and related symptoms.”

Drinking Too Many Smoothies

A serious smoothie habit can actually be detrimental. 

“Fruits are healthy, but eating too many fruits in smoothies can cause a rise in blood sugar levels,” says Lisa Young, Ph.D. RDN. Most smoothies also lack protein which helps stabilize blood sugar. Drink a small smoothie in moderation, and try to incorporate a balance of ingredients in your smoothies. And do not add fruit juice to your smoothie. Instead, add low-fat milk or yogurt which contains protein.”

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