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4 Common Breakfast Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

What you eat in the morning every day has a significant impact on your weight loss journey, as it either helps or hinders it. To encourage healthy choices each a.m., review common breakfast mistakes to avoid. 

Eating Sugar Over Protein

While quick breakfast foods like pastries, cereal, and muffins, pastries are attractive for time-saving reasons, they are also heavy on the sugar, carbs, and numerous other additives and preservatives. Not only do these foods contribute to weight gain, they make you feel tired and sluggish. Focus on protein-rich foods to stay satisfied and promote weight loss, such as eggs, veggies, chicken, and veggies. 

Only Drinking Coffee

If you are among the many people who are “not hungry in the morning,” drinking only coffee is not a good alternative. Skipping any meal lowers your energy level, encourages cravings, and can cause metabolism slowdowns. Eat something small if you don’t have the time or inclination for a full meal, such as yogurt with fruit and granola. 

Choosing The Wrong Carbs

Consuming fiber-free carbs causes the blood sugar to spike and crash, meaning you’ll be hungry in about an hour. Rather than eating pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and other such foods, choose fiber-rich fare, like sprouted grain toast and oatmeal. Fiber slows digestion to prevent you from feeling starved by lunchtime. 

Drinking High-Sugar Smoothies

Making smoothies at home is generally better than ordering one from the local breakfast spot. Restaurants and cafes often use juice blends for smoothies that feature significant added sugar. DIY smoothies featuring real fruit and protein, such as soy milk or skim milk, keep your blood sugar in check. 

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