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4 bad habits that make weight loss challenging

Weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg requires making healthy diet and lifestyle changes that complement the miracle pill. Yet there are many bad habits that get in the way of weight loss and make it difficult if not impossible to shed pounds. Learn about some of the worst habits here.

Skipping Meals Regularly

Skipping breakfast, lunch, or dinner might seem like the fast track to weight loss, but it has the opposite effect. Missing meals put the body in starvation mode, causing it to hold onto whatever fat stores it has. Focus on three healthy meals per day that include fiber and protein, both of which help you feel full, to lose weight quickly.

Staying Up Late Working

If you’re sacrificing sleep for work on a routine basis, you aren’t helping your fast weight loss efforts. The body needs seven to nine hours a night to regulate hormones among other things, including hormones that control hunger. By getting five hours of sleep or less, those hormones do not have time to self-regulate, meaning you wake up extra hungry in addition to groggy.

Rushing Meals

When you eat quickly, your brain does not have enough time to recognize it’s full. You might feel hungry as a result, even though you consumed an entire meal. Eliminate distractions, such as those on your phone or the TV, and focus on chewing every bite to sidestep this issue.

Drinking Alcohol Often

Alcohol contains empty calories that interfere with weight loss. Not only are you more likely to consume “junk” when drinking due to lowered inhibitions, you are also doing your metabolism a disservice. The body recognizes alcohol as a toxin, which puts the liver into overdrive and slows down the metabolism. Any food you consume while drinking is more likely to become fat than get burned as energy.

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