What you eat affects your waistline as well as your overall health. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg and want to refine your eating habits, learn what practices are most detrimental to women.

Eating While Standing

Sit down and concentrate on your food rather than standing because you’re watching the kids or doing literally anything else.

“When you eat quickly without paying attention, your body doesn’t give you mental credit for eating,” notes Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN.

Not Planning What You’re Going to Eat

While planning every single meal isn’t usually possible due to various commitments, the more planning you do, the better.

“Reach and grab food in boxes and bags generally will provide a lot of calories without quality nutrition,” Harris-Pincus says. “We all could use more fruits and veggies in our diet so have a few go-to snacks prepared like cut up veggies to dip in hummus or guacamole, Greek yogurt cups or a bowl of washed fruit.”

Relying on Meal Replacements

Sure, protein bars are healthy snacks, but they and similar fare shouldn’t replace full meals on a regular basis.

“While they may be marketed to replace a full meal, these replacement shakes or bars are too low in calories and nutrients to keep you physically and mentally satisfied, and are better used as snacks,” says Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN.

Eating a Lot at Night

Nighttime is not ideal for snacking or eating your biggest meal.

“Your body gets used to you skimping earlier in the day and then feels a compulsion to make up for it later in the day, which can make you feel out of control when eating and even increase stress before bed, disrupting sleep,” says Jones.

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