Changing your relationship with food is key to lasting weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg. The healthier your food choices are, the easier it will be for the miracle pill to do its job. Learn about some of the healthiest habits that promote fast weight loss to start making changes now.

Consider Your Motivations

Stop and think about why you’re eating what you’re eating. Is the choice convenient because it’s fast to make, or something you consume regularly? Do you want to indulge or reward yourself? What about factors such as price, visual appeal, taste, weight control, and emotional regulation? There are many reasons people eat that have nothing to do with hunger. Train yourself to consider the reasons for eating to make healthier choices.

Act Like a Food Critic

Eating quickly confuses the brain and makes you think you’re hungry when you’ve already consumed plenty of calories. Start eating like a food critic to slow down.

“When you bite into a grape, all of these juices come out and there are sensations you’d totally miss if you just stuffed a handful of grapes into your mouth,” says Katie Rickel, PhD, a clinical psychologist and weight-loss expert who works at a weight-management facility in Durham, North Carolina. “Try to follow the first bite down your esophagus and into your belly, and take a moment to notice whether you feel one grape more energetic.”

Prepare Healthy Snacks

Say no to high-fact, high-sugar midday snacks in favor of those that are packed with nutrients and keep you satiated. Veggies and hummus, fruit and low-fat cheese, avocado toast, nuts, and bean-based recipes all help you make mindful eating choices that assist with weight loss and boost overall health.

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