If you are attending a friend or family member’s upcoming wedding, wanting to look your best is natural. Taking Phentermine 37.5mg, enjoying a healthy diet, and exercising regularly all help you achieve your weight loss goals and take social media-worthy pictures. However, it’s normal to worry about derailing your diet at the reception. To help you make healthy choices on the big day, review the following tips. 

Stay Hydrated

Water curbs the appetite, helps you feel full, and prevents mistaking thirst for hunger. It also dilutes any libations you have to mitigate their effects. Alcohol slows the metabolism while the liver works overtime to remove the “toxin.” It also lowers inhibitions and increases the appetite for sugar, both of which contribute to poor food choices. Sipping water all evening helps you sidestep these issues. If there’s a water bar available, add hydrating garnishes, such as cucumber slices. 

Focus on Veggies & Whole Grains

Whether the wedding features a buffet or a sit-down dinner, there are likely plenty of vegetables and whole grains available. Make them the focus of your plate, though you can leave ¼ section for your favorite simple carbohydrate or dessert. Vegetables and whole grains are complex carbs that take time for the body to digest. They also prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes that increase cravings. 

Dance the Night Away

Most weddings feature a dance floor, which allows you to stay away from the dessert and libation tables while burning calories. Enjoy dancing to your favorite songs and perhaps requesting a few tunes that really inspire you to move. Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise, in part because all those twisting movements burn belly fat. 

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