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3 ways your mcdonald’s order is contributing to weight gain

Fast food restaurants are among the biggest enemies of quick weight loss because they typically come loaded with sodium, sugar, and bad fats. And while chains such as McDonald’s offer reportedly healthier fare such as salads, there are still many sneaky ways the fast food juggernaut contributes to weight gain. Learn about some of the biggest blunders here to assist your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Ordering The Chicken Salad

Salads from fast food restaurants are not as healthy as they claim to be, and McDonald’s is no exception.

“While a salad may sound like a healthier, lower carb option than a sandwich, the fried chicken, shredded cheese, fried tortilla strips, and creamy buttermilk dressing cause this salad to actually be higher in calories, fat, saturated fat and carbs than the grilled chicken sandwich, says Kelli McGrane RD.

Ordering The Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich

Think this sandwich is better than other menu items? Think again.

While you may think chicken is a healthier option than a hamburger, it actually has 350 more calories and 20 more grams of fat than a standard hamburger,” says McGrane. “Instead, opt for the grilled chicken sandwich, which is lower in calories and fat than the crispy chicken sandwich but higher in protein than the hamburger.”

Ordering Fries As Your Side

French fries feature trans fats to expand waistlines.

Not only are French fries high in fat and calories, but they’re also not very filling. Instead, opt for a side salad as it’s lower in calories and fat, yet higher in vitamins, minerals, and fiber thanks to the veggies,” McGrane notes. “Just make sure to choose balsamic dressing instead of a creamier option to keep the calorie and fat content lower.”

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