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3 ways to push past weight loss plateaus

Weight loss plateaus can happen to anyone.

“You are required to consume less energy than you expend for fat loss to occur over time,” Graeme Tomlinson, a personal trainer and nutrition coach, told USA Today. “This is what’s known as a calorie deficit. If the calorie deficit is big then more weight is lost. If the calorie deficit is small then less weight is lost. The more weight we lose, the more we undergo metabolic adaption to our new weight.”

If you have experienced this type of plateau recently, read on for professional tips that help Phentermine pills work as effectively as possible.

Try Weight Training

Add weights to your fitness routine so it doesn’t focus exclusively on cardio.

“Loss of lean muscle mass can lower your metabolic rate and make it that much harder to lose weight,” Amanda Musin, a registered and licensed dietitian, told the news magazine. “Aim to incorporate at least two days a week of effective weight bearing exercise to increase metabolic rate and boost weight loss’ efforts.”

Stop Crash Dieting

Crash dieting may offer short-term results, but it is never, ever a long-term solution.

“Slow and steady weight loss is much more successful long term,” said Dana Angelo White, a registered dietitian for “It can also be helpful to maintain a challenging exercise routine – keep pushing yourself to help promote muscle building, which can help keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders.”

Reevaluate Your Snacking Habits

Have you looked at what you’re eating lately?

“When feeding your children an afternoon snack, do you join in and eat a small handful? Or when eating out with friends, do you eat larger portions than when at home?” Musin asks. “These habits can appear to be harmless, but can quickly add up over the course of a week, especially if your metabolism has recently dropped.”
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