Birthdays frequently come with extra calories due to fancy dinners, birthday cake, ice cream, other sweets, and alcohol. If you recently started a weight loss journey with Phentermine pills and are concerned about indulging at your upcoming birthday, there are numerous ways to enjoy yourself without derailing your efforts. Review ideas here for a healthy birthday. 

Work Out That Day 

Get your birthday off to a healthy start with exercise, such as dancing, yoga, bike riding, a brisk walk around the neighborhood, kickboxing, or anything else that makes you feel amazing. Exercising first thing or early in the day makes it easier to choose healthy foods and drinks, because you do not want to undo the work you put in. 

Request Cake Slices

Ask for a slice of your cake from your friends or family, such as a piece from your favorite deli or bakery, instead of a whole cake. As a result, you will not be left with most of the cake that can result in late-night eating sessions. If you are presented with a cake, feel free to send some home with your family and friends, which takes the pressure off of eating the whole thing. You can also say you don’t want ice cream or request something healthier, such as frozen yogurt. 

Make Smart Alcohol Decisions

Drinking to excess is a common birthday tradition, but one that slows your metabolism and means ingesting a large number of empty calories. Rather than awaking hungover and craving fattening foods the next morning, treat yourself on your birthday with an expensive glass of wine or craft beer. You are more likely to drink the beverage slowly and truly savor it because it is so expensive, which limits your alcohol intake. Doing so helps you feel proud the next morning instead of upset about how much you drank. 

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