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3 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of any quick weight loss plan, as the body regulates hormones while you snooze, including hunger hormones. There are ways to enhance fast weight loss during sleep, all of which boost Phentermine 37.5mg’s effectiveness. Review what experts suggest for shedding extra weight while you rest. 

Stretch Before Going to Bed

Performing a few stretches before saying goodnight is key. 

“Gentle movement like stretching can increase the calories you burn and help support a more restful night’s sleep,” says Nadia Murdock, CPT, a cognitive behavioral therapist and certified personal trainer. “Stretching has been proven to help the body function better by reducing muscle tension. When there’s muscle tension, it can disrupt your adrenal glands and cause cortisol to kick in, causing weight gain.”

Aim For Seven to Eight Hours Every Night

Getting enough sleep is necessary for quick weight loss. 

“When you aren’t getting enough rest, you tend to eat more, causing your hormones to be disrupted,” says Murdock. “This can alter how full or hungry you may feel during the day, and you may crave certain foods that are most likely higher in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. Additionally, your body burns more calories when you sleep soundly longer, also known as deep sleep.”

Create a Restful Sleep Environment

Turning off the TV, putting your phone down, and doing similar things helps you create a relaxing, healthy sleep environment. 

“It’s essential to sleep and have a restful night’s sleep in a REM state. A large part of that includes creating the proper sleeping environment. Ensure the room temperature is as dark as possible to keep your circadian rhythm aligned and optimize your metabolism,” notes Murdock.

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