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3 Ways to Get a Leaner Body Quickly

While achieving a leaner body in a few days isn’t exactly a realistic goal, there are many ways to get fit and lean quickly. Pair Phentermine 37.5mg with the right diet and exercise plan, and you’ll see the results you want. Check out what master trainer Sasha Mihovilovic, NASM-CPT suggests to help you get the body you desire.

Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Routine

Strength training is key to a lean physique.

“Strength training builds lean muscle, contributing to an increased metabolism, ultimately resulting in higher reductions of fat,” Mihovilovic says. “By building lean muscle, we can increase the metabolism because your body requires more energy to sustain and use that muscle. So, you burn more calories both during the workout and after (for muscle recovery).”

Don’t Forget About Cardio

You still need to do that cardio!

“Incorporating increased physical activity that incorporates raising your heart rate can also cause you to burn more calories throughout the day—aka, boosting your metabolism,” Mihovilovic notes. “Incorporating into your routine a portion of your workout or daily activities (playing with your kids, gardening, jogging with your dog) where you are breathing consistently at a higher rate than when you are resting, you know you are getting your cardio in!”

Consume More Anti-Inflammatory Foods

An anti-inflammatory diet helps you lose weight correctly and boost your health, two things fad diets don’t offer.

“If you are cleared by a doctor to make changes in your diet, what I always recommend for anyone, is to start with a diet that is focused on whole foods that are anti-inflammatory, and minimizing processed foods/beverages,” Mihovilovic says. “Eating a diet that is anti-inflammatory can promote a healthy gut microbiome and slow down digestion to prevent spikes in blood glucose.”

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