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3 Ways to Boost Your Daily Walk

Walking is something almost anyone can do and supports both weight loss and overall health. If you are an avid walker or just started walking to improve fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg, review the following suggestions. 

Always Stretch First

“Walking regularly is a great healthy habit — by taking steps to enjoy the walk, you’re more likely to keep it up, which is better for your mind, heart and body,” says internal medicine physician Chau Nguyen. “Walking 30 minutes per day, five days per week is recommended for establishing a healthy heart.” 

Dr. Nguyen recommends stretching before every walk. 

“A good way to start your walk is by stretching your back every morning, including neck, shoulders and hips,” says Dr. Nguyen. “Doing so will help you get ready for your morning walk and prevent aches and pains.” 

Add Weight

Wrist and ankle weights add resistance to your walk to help you tone muscles faster. Any added weight provides extra resistance, such as heavy grocery or retail store bags. If you can add weight and walk uphill, you’ll do yourself a greater service and subsequently enjoy a more toned physique. Since muscle replaces fat and burns calories at a faster rate than fat, building muscle is a weight loss key. 

Take Numerous Mini Walks

Walking several times a day is highly beneficial. 

“[Extra movement is] good for your body and will help you add more steps during the day,” says Dr. Nguyen. 

Try doing a 30-second walk every 30 to 60 minutes to increase blood circulation, burn more calories, and simply feel better. There are plenty of walking workout videos on YouTube if you prefer more formal workouts. 

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