Christmas is a day of indulging for many, a time to feast on favorite foods that aren’t typically consumed otherwise. And while a day of food indulgences won’t upset your weight loss regimen too much, you may want to burn some calories during a time of, well, many calories. Get some Christmas day fitness ideas here to help Phentermine 37.5mg do its best.

Go For A Walk Or Run Early

Get up before the kids or before family and friends arrive to enjoy an early morning walk, jog, or run. You’ll love being outside on Christmas before the holiday traffic starts and everything is relatively quiet. If the weather outside is indeed frightful, stick to favorite indoor workouts in between stuffing the stockings.

Take More Steps

Avoid sitting for prolonged periods, especially if you have been enjoying assorted holiday treats for awhile. Get up and get moving, such as walking up and down the stairs a few times, try some jumping jacks out back if it’s not icy, and perform a little stretching. Do anything that helps you increase your step count for the day, even if it’s something as simple as walking around a family member’s sizable house.

Go For A Post-Meal Walk

Don’t make your early morning walk the only one you take on Christmas day. Enjoy a post-meal walk with your favorite people, again if the weather allows. Your food will digest better and you’ll burn at least some of it off, which won’t happen if you stay indoors and take a nap. Use the walk as an opportunity to look at Christmas lights and other holiday displays with friends and family.

Above all, don’t berate yourself for enjoying the holiday–you deserve it!
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