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3 ways tea helps with weight loss

While tea alone won’t do much for weight loss, when it’s combined with other practices such as healthy eating, exercise, and Phentermine 37.5mg, it can have a fantastic effect. Learn what makes tea so beneficial to weight loss before looking into options such as green, white, and black tea.

It Revs the Metabolism

Certain teas, such as green tea, can actually boost your metabolism. It contains caffeine as well catechin, a type of antioxidant. Both are thought to improve the body’s metabolic rate so you burn more calories throughout the day. Studies show those who consume four to five cups of the tea per day lose weight at a faster rate than those who don’t.

It Sidesteps “Mindless” Snacking

While healthy snacking can help with weight loss, mindless snacking does not, especially if it involves unhealthy fare such as sugary and simple carb foods.

“Brewing a steaming hot cup of tea can provide us the ‘filler’ for that need and keep us feeling full and satisfied,” says certified health and nutrition coach Carrie Lupoli. “Also, when we are fueling our bodies correctly and frequently like I coach my clients to do, they are less likely to find themselves getting hungry between meals. Taking a moment to enjoy a cup of tea is a great way to determine if you are really hungry or your body is triggering that sensation for other reasons.”

It Provides a High-Calorie Drink Alternative

By replacing soda, alcohol, fruit cocktail, and even most fruit juices with tea, you are reducing your daily caloric intake. Such drinks are full of empty calories, while tea satisfies without going over the number of calories you want to consume that day. For best results, do not add milk or sugar, only low-calorie additives such as lemon juice.

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