To shrink your waist, take Phentermine pills in addition to working out and eating a balanced diet. Weight loss expert Autumn Calabrese of Beachbody also recommends the following tips to ensure you lose inches from your waist and keep them off.

Limit Processed Food

The less processed food you consume, the more your waistline will thank you.

“We are overeating on the highly processed foods, the ones loaded with added sugars, preservatives, food dye, salt, and hydrogenated oils,” the trainer says. “If there is one thing you can do right now to be a better, healthier, leaner, lighter version of yourself, cut way back on these processed foods, if not eliminate them completely. The best way to do that is to prepare home-cooked meals from real, whole ingredients.”

Watch Your Portions

It’s possible to overeat too much of anything, including healthy fare such as salads.

“That’s not just a salad, that’s at least four servings of lettuce, four servings of chicken, four servings of cheese, croutons, pasta, and dressing to cover it all,” Calabrese says of a restaurant outing where she realized you can overeat healthy food. “I checked the menu—sure enough, that salad was over 1,400 calories!”

Don’t Eat Your Feeling

Too many people use food to help them feel good or as a “prize.” Calabrese says it’s time to stop eating our emotions and start using food for what it really is.

“Food is not a reward for when you do something well or a punishment if you feel like you did something wrong,” she notes. “It’s not a coping mechanism to deal with a hard day. Remember that food is fuel. It’s what creates your body.”
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