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3 unhealthy breakfast foods dieticians want you to stop eating now

3 Unhealthy Breakfast Foods Dieticians Want You to Stop Eating Now

What you have for breakfast every day can either hinder or help your weight loss efforts. If you want to start taking Phentermine 37.5mg for quick weight loss, knowing what foods to avoid during breakfast hours makes it easier to choose healthy fare.

Review breakfast options dieticians strongly discourage eating to refine your diet. 

Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar

Each bar contains 250 calories and far too much sugar. 

“The Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar lists sugar as its first ingredient,” says registered dietitian Kim Rose, RDN. “One bar contains 20 grams of added sugar and, although this may vary depending on flavor, that’s way too much for a tiny bar. While considering healthy breakfast options, one should remember that consuming too much added sugar has been linked to unwanted weight gain, increased triglyceride levels, and may even result in type 2 diabetes.”

Nature’s Path Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Packets feature 210 calories, 13 grams of added sugar, and 100mg of sodium. 

“Not all oatmeal is created equal and some brands, like Nature’s Path Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal, can have a surprising amount of added sugar per packet,” notes Catherine Perez, RD. “You can save on the added sugar by being more mindful of the type of instant oatmeal you choose.” 

Sugary Coffee

The breakfast beverage staple should be consumed black or with minimal sugar and cream. 

“A frappuccino or flavored latte can easily have 300 or more calories per drink,” says Ashley Larsen, RD. “These coffee drinks are loaded with empty calories from sugar and fat and are missing nutrients our body needs which can increase cravings and hunger throughout the day. The drinks pack enough calories as a full meal, but won’t be as filling or satisfying.”

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