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3 tips when you are feeling down about your weight loss journey

Not every day on a weight loss journey is going to be a good one, and that’s okay. Whether you have hit a workout plateau, feel unmotivated, or simply down about your “lack” of progress, remember that you are on a journey, and that results will not happen overnight. Keep up with your Phentermine 37.5mg schedule and use these tips to feel good about where you currently are.

Think About Why You Wanted To Lose Weight

Remind yourself why you wanted to lose weight in the first place, such as for your health and self-esteem. Feel good about what you have accomplished so far instead of berating yourself for not reaching a certain goal in a designated time frame. Talk to others about their weight loss journey, including friends and family, and those on online forums. You’ll likely find others have experienced struggles similar to yours.

Change It Up

Make changes to your weight loss regimen if you feel stuck at a certain weight. Exercise “plateaus” are common because the body gets used to assorted workouts and no longer burns calories at the same rate. Challenge your body with different exercise regimens, such as kickboxing, swimming, or biking. Making periodic changes also keeps you engaged and motivated.

Give Yourself A Break

Take a day to refresh and refocus. Skip the workouts in favor of a hike at a nearby park with friends, or simply walking around in a beautiful neighborhood. Use this time to recharge and feel extra excited when you do get back on the exercise train. As long as you don’t go too long in between workouts or indulge with “bad” foods too much, you’ll be fine.
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