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3 Tips For Successfully Shedding Weight After 40

Turning 40 is a milestone that is always worth celebrating. If you want to shed some pounds post-40, it is easier than you might think! With the right diet and exercise plan complemented by Phentermine 37.5mg, you can lose the weight you want and keep it off. Below are some suggestions from experts to help you get started. 

Opt For ‘Crunchy’ Snacks

Crunchy snacks such as pistachios and veggie slices are the diet-conscious options you want, unlike chips and pretzels. 

“Not only are pistachios a complete plant protein for long-lasting satisfaction, [but] their fiber provides even more staying power preventing over-snacking soon after as well as blood sugar swings,” notes The Nutrition Twins. “Plus, they’re packed with antioxidants that may help to prevent inflammation which is associated with weight gain. Pistachios have the largest portion size of any nut, 49 nuts/ serving, and are one of the lowest-calorie nuts.”

Make Smart Carb Choices

Losing weight does not mean saying goodbye to carbs, but hello to the right carbs. There are many healthy carbs that stabilize blood sugar and positively affect gut bacteria. 

“This means choosing carbs that feed the gut microbiome, stimulating good gut bacteria that have favorable effects on the metabolism and making sure that carb also has fiber and protein (or small amounts of healthy fat) to stabilize blood sugar.” The Nutrition Twins say, “Skip the refined carbs that lack fiber and choose carbs that contain resistant starch which feeds the good gut bacteria.” 

Allow Yourself to Indulge

It is perfectly okay to indulge without derailing your quick weight loss efforts. 

“Deprivation puts you on the fast track to falling off a healthy eating plan since it’s too hard to sustain an eating plan that isn’t enjoyable. The trick is to include foods that you crave and feel decadent, but are lower in calories, so they don’t destroy your healthy eating plan,” The Nutrition Twins explain. “Instead of downing a 600- 600-calorie-plus pint of Ben and Jerry’s, choose a rich and decadent frozen fudge popsicle or another popsicle like an orange creamsicle; you’ll get all the flavor and creaminess in a fraction of the calories—and the bonus is that it’s portion-controlled in the brilliant form of ice cream on a stick!” For more about fast weight loss with Phentermine pills, please contact today.

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