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3 tips for reclaiming your weight loss motivation

It happens on many weight loss journeys: you lose your motivation. Rather than settling into a new, unhealthy routine because you skipped working out for a few days or ate too many pieces of cake at a friend’s wedding, use Phentermine 37.5mg and the following tips to reclaim your motivation for good:

Take A Good, Long Look At Your Goal

Take a moment to revisit why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. Were you concerned about your health and wanted to live your best life? Were you tired of feeling self-conscious and wanted to feel better about your physical appearance? A combination of the two? If you wrote down why you desired weight loss, review those words. If not, simply think about what motivated you and use it to power through your next workout.

Make New Short-Term Goals

Losing weight can seem overwhelming, but you have to remember it is simply a day-at-a-time task. Make short-term goals to help you feel less intimidated by weight loss, such as working out for 30 minutes each over the next two days or focusing on healthy meals for an entire week. Keep making short-term goals and taking your weight loss journey one day at a time…and you will see the results you want.

Work Out & Diet With A Buddy

Ask a friend or family member interested in losing weight to join you on your journey. It is a lot harder to skip gym sessions or exercise walks around the neighborhood when you have a buddy holding you accountable. It also creates friendly competition that encourages you to get up and get moving. Make meals together in addition to working out, or come up with a week’s worth of recipes. Whatever you do, you will receive the support you need, and so will the other person.

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