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3 tips for making healthy choices at the ballpark

With baseball season fast approaching it is once again time for tailgating. Grilled meats, snacks such as pretzels and chips, and beer abound at tailgating parties, and that’s in addition to what’s inside the stadium. More of the same, as well as ice cream and plenty of other fatty, salty, and sugary snacks. If you don’t want ballpark fun to derail your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen this season, use the following tips to make healthier choices.

Eat Before You Go

As with holiday parties, eating before you go to the ballpark helps considerably. Consume a meal or snack high in fiber and protein so you don’t eat your lunch or dinner at the park. You won’t contribute to weight loss, but you will spend a lot of money! Make a point of always eating something healthy and filling before games so you aren’t tempted by the food selection in the stadium or eat too much during tailgating activities.

Eating prior to games also helps you if you plan to drink alcohol. It absorbs some of the liquor, wine, or beer so you are less inclined to make poor food decisions because you are intoxicated.

Savor Your Beer

Choose one beer you know you will truly savor if you cannot watch a baseball game without suds. Craft beer may be higher in calories than standard domestic lagers, but it is generally easier to sip and therefore not drink as fast. Craft beer is also stronger than domestic lagers to help you drink less of them.

Stick To Popcorn

Order popcorn instead of cheese-loaded nachos or huge soft pretzels at the ballpark. Popcorn is perhaps the healthiest food choice that also helps you feel full. If you must order a snack, go with this salty treat and avoid extra butter.
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