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3 Tips For Losing 10 Pounds in a Month From Those Who Did It

Shedding 10 pounds quickly does not have to be a lofty goal. It is entirely possible to lose the weight with help from Phentermine 37.5mg and fast weight loss tips. Review what worked from those who successfully said goodbye to 10 pounds

Eat More Veggies

Vegetables are among the best foods to eat for weight loss, in part because they are low-calorie.

“Consumption of vegetables creates a sense of fullness while being naturally low in calories,” Young explains. “It is rich in fiber which keeps you fuller for longer and helps regulate appetite and prevent overeating. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are beneficial to maintain the body’s nutritional needs while on calorie deficit.”–TikToker Maddie Fisher. 

Opt For Lean Proteins

Like fiber, protein is an essential weight loss nutrient. To avoid consuming too many calories, choose lean proteins. 

“Lean protein helps increase satiety and reduce cravings thus encouraging portion control and preventing snacking in between meals,” Young explains. “Consumption of lean protein preserves muscle mass even during weight loss as it prevents muscle breakdown.”–TikToker Nicole

Create a Calorie Deficit

Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume!

“To create a calorie deficit, you need to increase physical activity and make changes to your diet,” says Lisa Young, Ph.D., RND. “This can be done by reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity levels thus creating an energy imbalance leading to weight loss over time. The diet should still consist of a variety of foods to meet the body’s nutritional needs.”

Reduce Your Carb Intake

This is especially true of simple carbs! 

“Less consumption of carbohydrates helps with weight loss as it is a source of energy, and when it’s not present, the body resorts to using stored fat leading to fat loss, says Young. “Reducing [your] intake of carbohydrates also increases satiety as it prevents hunger and cravings. Carbohydrates are digested quickly compared to protein and fats, thus consumption can cause feelings of hunger leading to overeating and weight gain.”

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