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3 Tips For Limiting Your Alcohol Intake During The Coronavirus

Alcohol is no friend to fast weight loss because the body recognizes it as a toxin. The metabolism slows while the liver fights extra hard to rid the body of said toxin, causing food that’s been ingested to get stored as fat rather than burned as energy. If you started taking Phentermine 37.5 mg for fast weight loss and are concerned about the “at home drinking” taking place due to the coronavirus, use these tips to limit the libations.

Opt For Mocktails

If you don’t want to miss virtual happy hours with friends and family but don’t feel like explaining why you aren’t drinking, look into low-calorie mocktail recipes. Enjoy them in martini glasses or other glassware designed for alcohol and no one will know the difference. Switch to water after a mocktail or two for a zero-calorie beverage.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Find yourself wanting a drink? Why not clean instead? Since cleanliness is an important part of retarding the spread of any virus, take this time to deep-clean your residence. All that movement from vacuuming, picking up clutter and putting it where it belongs, and bending over to disinfect assorted surfaces burns calories. Your home will be healthier and smell fresher due to less dust.

Work Out At Home

Staying at home to help stop the spread of the virus doesn’t mean you have to drink and forgo working out. There’s endless cardio and strength training workouts on YouTube to select from, allowing you to challenge your body in different ways every day to keep your metabolism up and avoid the dreaded exercise plateau. YouTube is merely one option, since you can also make up your own workouts and follow exercise DVDs if you have them.
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