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3 tips for drinking less alcohol & enjoying faster weight loss

Alcohol is notoriously detrimental to weight loss. Not only does it lower inhibitions to increase the chances of poor food choices, it is recognized by the body as a toxin. So while the liver works overtime to get rid of this “toxin,” the metabolism slows down. Any food you recently ate or are currently consuming is subsequently more likely to be stored as fat than burned as fuel. If you believe alcohol is harming your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss efforts, use these tips to drink fewer libations.

Try To Enjoy Events Without Alcohol

It’s a common misconception that if everyone around you is drinking, you have to as well to have fun. Not so! Try forgoing alcohol at your next party or other event where the vino, suds, and spirits are flowing and see if you don’t have a better time. You’ll remember everything instead of getting “foggy” from booze and won’t say or do anything you may regret later.

Pick A Drink You Don’t Like

Instead of always going for your favorite beer, wine, or liquor, order a beverage you don’t particularly care for the next time you go out. This may sound strange, but you’ll sip the drink much slower compared to your normal selections. Slow sipping equals fewer drinks consumed so you aren’t inebriated and eating a hoagie with chips by the night’s end.

Think Of The Money

Drinking alcohol at bars and restaurants gets expensive fast. Spend money on a bottle of wine or other favorite beverage and keep it in your refrigerator instead of always getting your alcohol from assorted establishments. The money you’ll save will encourage you to keep the practice up.

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