Many people on a weight loss journey quickly realize they have a “food bully” in their lives, whether in the form of a spouse, sibling, best friend, or co-worker. These people may be overweight themselves and usually mean well, as eating together is a fun shared experience in many cultures. If you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and find yourself constantly dealing with a “food bully,” use the following tips to politely say no and continue on your journey.

Be Honest

“In some situations, it’s easy to put off the piece of cheesecake by saying ‘I’ll try a piece later,’ but with close family, it’s harder to stall,” says certified health and wellness coach Cheryl Harris, who also suggests being honest with the people you love about how they can support your weight loss goals. Say that while you do not want a piece of cheesecake right now, you would love if the family member made you his or her best chicken dish later in the week. This tactic also helps you steer the conversation away from said cheesecake.

Choose Your Words

Instead of saying “I can’t have ice cream” or “I won’t eat mac n cheese right now,” try alternatives such as “Ice cream makes my stomach hurt” or “I will feel bad about myself if I eat that second helping when I am already full.” This is another way to be honest with the food bullies in your life and change the conversation.

Stand Firm

Stick with your goals and say “No, thank you,” even if you have to say it more than once.

“Many of my clients who struggle with overeating often struggle with people-pleasing and putting everyone else’s needs first,” says nutrition expert Minh-Hai Alex, RD. “By saying no to a dish you don’t want or are too full for, you are saying ‘yes’ to honoring your body and honoring yourself.”

You can also say you are allergic to the food being offered, or ask if you can take some home because you are so full.

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