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3 things injuring your weight loss efforts

Eating junk food on a regular basis and not getting enough exercise are well-known, serious weight loss detriments; however, there are numerous factors that may be affecting your efforts without you realizing it. Review some of the top contenders to see where you need to fine-tune your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled weight loss regimen:

Going Overboard With Health Food

Healthy food is essential to a healthy life, but that does not mean you shouldn’t watch your portions, especially if you are trying to shed pounds.

“My patients often report eating low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets full of healthful foods like quinoa, green leafy vegetables and berries, but they are eating too much of these foods,” says Gillian Goddard, MD, an endocrinologist and certified nutrition support clinician in New York City. “What makes foods healthy is their nutrient content. This does not mean we can eat them in limitless quantities.”

The super-healthy grain quinoa, for example, features 111 calories per cup.

“Most people are eating two or three cups of quinoa in a sitting which can come in at 400-600 calories. That doesn’t include, the nuts cheese and olive oil they are adding,” adds Dr. Goddard.

Thinking Of Weight Loss As “Punishment”

Weight loss is never, ever a punishment. It is the gift you give your health and yourself. Try not to look at weight loss as deprivation, says fitness instructor Jenna Bergen Southerland.

“Food, in general, is certainly a necessity,” she notes. “But a brownie? So the next time this thought whispers across your brain, take a step back and ask yourself two questions. 1: Am I really depriving myself of a necessity? And 2: If I don’t change my eating habits, what am I really depriving myself of? The answer: A healthier, happier life. Keep that in mind and you’ll happily pass up the junk.”

Snacking The Wrong Way

Think about how you snack every day.

“Most people need two snacks in the afternoon hours, spaced out and protein-rich, to curb hunger and reduce impulsive eating,” says Dafna Chazin, RDN.

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