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3 things affecting your weight that aren’t diet or exercise

What you eat and how often you exercise obviously have clear and serious impacts on health and weight; however, plenty of other factors contribute to weight gain. Whether you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen or are focused on maintaining your current weight loss, learn about five things that can affect your waistline:

Economic Problems

Research found the unemployment rate from the great recession of 2008 to 2012 directly correlated with the obesity rate. Risk of obesity increased 21% as people had less money for gym memberships and organic food, as well as no health insurance due to job loss. Rather than allowing any money issues to affect your weight, find exercises to do at home online or look for workout DVDs at garage sales and thrift shops. Farmers markets in various cities are often priced according to neighborhood so you can continue enjoying healthy, whole foods.

Air Pollution

Smog-heavy air often results in weight gain across U.S. cities because people are less likely to get outside and be active. In addition to pushing for clean air policies to your senators, representatives, and governors, try a variety of indoor activities that burn a ton of calories, such as indoor trampoline and climbing gyms.


How warm or cold it is in your home may affect your weight. Residing in a slightly chilly house causes the body to work harder to keep you warm, resulting in a higher metabolism. Showering briefly in cold water also temporarily lowers your body temperature to make the metabolism work. There are also plenty of other metabolism-boosting tricks to try, such as eating breakfast early to jump-start it for the day and always drinking cold water.

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