Belly fat remains a weight loss bane for many, even if they have otherwise shed excess pounds. Should stomach fat be your final hurdle on your Phentermine 37.5mg journey, learn which foods you need to avoid:

Processed Meat

Processed meats are very difficult for many people to digest. They can sit in the intestines for longer because they are difficult to break down,” Julie Rothenberg, MS, RD, LDN told Reader’s Digest.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, balony, pepperoni, and other processed meats do not contain fiber and are high in saturated fats and calories. The result? Food that increases your stroke risk in addition to your waistline. Keep the meat to a minimum as much as possible to decrease your saturated fat intake, and opt for organic, humanely-raised options when you do indulge.

To-Go Salads

While salads themselves do not contribute to belly fat, the creamy dressings, cheese, and croutons they so often come with pile on the calories fast. Stick to making salad at home, as well as your own oil or vinegar-based dressings.

Fat-Free Foods

Think fat-free foods are your ticket to weight loss? Think again.

Fat-free foods contain a lot of artificial preservatives and chemicals. This confuses your brain,” says Hillary Lewis Murray, Founder & CEO of Lumi. “Your body isn’t made to digest artificial ingredients. This buildup of bad ingredients leads to bloating and fatigue. Stick with 100 percent real ingredients.”

Focus on whole foods as much as possible and avoid anything with the “low fat” or “fat-free” label. These diet products are not your friends.

Other foods that contribute to belly fat include salty snacks, alcohol, breakfast pastries, fried foods, and milk and other dairy options.

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