3 Simple Tips That Help You Lose Weight Fast | Fast Weight Loss

Generally speaking, alcohol is no friend to weight loss. It contains empty calories, lowers inhibitions to make poor food choices more likely, and slows the metabolism while the liver gets rid of the “toxin.” Yet it is still possible to enjoy libations without interfering with your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss regimen.

Review some of the lowest-calorie adult beverages here to savor. 

Vodka Soda With Lemon

Clear liquor features the lowest calories of any alcohol. A vodka and soda beverage with lemon contains a mere 96 calories and typically takes longer to drink because it’s hard liquor, unlike beer and wine that many people consume quickly. Since alcohol dehydrates the body, the addition of soda water helps you stay hydrated without adding to the calorie count. 

Tequila With Fresh Lime Juice

Margaritas feature anywhere from 160 to 400 calories depending on their additives, such as sugar-rich mixes. By swapping margaritas for tequila with lime juice, you’re decreasing your per drink calorie count by about 200 calories. You’re also lowering your hangover chances since sugary mixes contribute to yucky feelings the following morning. 

Syrup-Free Mojito

A mojito without the sugar-heavy syrup features less than 100 calories, saving 40 to 70 calories per drink. Adding soda water and lime juice makes the drink more refreshing and tasty, while again helping avoid dehydration. 

Light Bloody Mary

Mimosas are high calorie because of fruit juice, making Bloody Mary beverages a diet-friendly brunch cocktail. For best results, ask for real tomato juice over pre-packaged mixes that are typically high in calories and sugar. Also request dashs of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces to add flavor without increasing the drink’s sodium content. Spices also help with calorie-burning, while additives such as celery keep you feeling full from fiber content. 

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