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3 signs that you’re on a bad diet

Diet is just as essential to weight loss as exercise, making it important to modify your food choices as necessary for better health. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg and exercising but aren’t seeing the quick weight loss results you want, your diet is likely to blame. Review three signs indicating you’re on a bad diet and what you can do about it.

Your Diet Eliminates Entire Food Groups

Healthy diets take from a variety of food groups, not one or two.

“Any diet that involves the notion that you are deprived won’t last long term,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick. “A healthy mix, in a nutrient-dense manner, even if it’s higher calorie, has been shown to be more effective to weight loss long-term. The Mediterranean diet is a perfect example of this. This is also why time-restricted eating is so popular and evidence-based. You can still eat foods you love some of the time, but the frequency of how many hours you are actually eating change.”

Your Diet Includes Many Prepackaged Meals

Everyone relies on premade meals sometimes, but they shouldn’t become a habit.

“If the meals are nutrient dense—and that’s a big if—then you can easily get the fuel you need packed in a source that is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and lean proteins,” says Kirkpatrick. “But the cheaper ready-made food is often more processed. This can make us eat more.”

Enjoy the convenience of premade meals by making larger food batches at home and freezing what you won’t immediately eat.

Your Diet Makes You Hungry Or Grumpy

What you eat should give you energy and keep you satiated, not make you feel irritated or looking for what else you can eat.

“Hunger can also come when we are bored, dehydrated or lack sleep,” notes Kirkpatrick. “We may use these excuses to feel better about eating when we really don’t need to. The better approach is to start listening to your body.”

Eat more fiber-dense vegetables to stay full without the extra calories.

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