If you cannot seem to banish belly fat despite your newfound dedication to diet, exercise, and Phentermine 37.5mg, you may be unintentionally making one or a few mistakes that are helping this fat stay put. Review three common reasons for being unable to get rid of belly fat to determine what changes you need to make:

Mistake #1: You Eat Out All The Time

Going out to dinner and ordering takeout all the time is a direct path to belly fat. Restaurant fare is notoriously high in calories, as well as sodium and trans fats. Start getting in the habit of cooking meals at home–if you have a crazy work schedule, try doing some food prep on Saturdays or Sundays to make weekday dinners a whole lot easier. Not only will you save your waistline by eating in, you will also save money.

Mistake #2: You Snack Mindlessly

Mindless snacking in front of the television or any other time adds up quickly. Portioning your food is essential to maintaining a healthy weight, as eating out of a bag means you have literally no idea how many calories you are consuming. Stay mindful about what you put in your body to help your waistline shrink.

Mistake #3: You Spend Too Much Time On Social Media

Spending too many minutes a day on social media does nothing for your weight loss efforts. It means you are getting less sleep, spending less time outside, and otherwise moving around less. Try to cut how much time you spend on social media as much as possible and take up fun, calorie-burning activities instead, such as going for a walk with friends after dinner or joining a hiking group.

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