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3 reasons behind overeating

Overeating is unfortunately a common problem for many. The issue stems from variety of factors, including emotional distress and unhappiness; however, it is entirely possible to overeat without realizing it. Discover some surprising reasons behind overeating to help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts:

You Focus Too Much On Restaurant Type

It does not matter whether you go to a fast food chain or a salad bar if your portions are huge. Many people think that if they avoid burger joints in favor of “healthy” fare, they do not have to watch how much they consume. Unfortunately there are plenty of calories and saturated fats in most restaurant food, as well as sodium. Limit the amount of restaurant food you consume to shrink your waistline.

You Consider Exercise A Drag & A Chore

The wrong attitude about exercise often results in making poor choices post-workout. If you have a bad attitude about going for a run or to your local gym, you may decide to reward yourself for your efforts with a donut. That along with inconsistency makes it entirely possible to gain weight. Find something you love, such as swimming or bike riding, to view working out as a fun form of stress relief.

You Don’t Measure What You Eat

Eating out of the bag, taking too many treats from the candy jar at work, filling big plates with too much food and eating all of it…these and similar actions cause your waistline to expand. Always use plates and bowls when you eat, and opt for smaller plateware as well to trick yourself into thinking you are consuming more than you are. Additionally, remember to really chew your food so your body recognizes when it is full. Eating too much too quickly makes the body think it is still hungry despite already consuming a high number of calories.

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