3 Of the Worst Breakfast Habits For People Over 40 - Drtohelp.com

What you have for breakfast makes an impact on your weight loss efforts, no matter what your age. It is especially important to make healthy choices if you are over 40 due to the changes the body naturally goes through. The following tips help you make healthy breakfast decisions that allow Phentermine 37.5mg to work effectively. 

Never Skip Breakfast

Avoid skipping breakfast whenever possible. 

“Skipping breakfast is one of the worst habits I see in adults over 40,” says Catherine Johnston, RD. “Life gets busy, and other priorities get in the way of self-care. Instead of skipping breakfast altogether, find a simple, nutritious breakfast option that you can automate into your morning routine. For example—a bowl of whole-grain cereals with a handful of berries and slivered almonds, a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, or a quick smoothie.”

Don’t Eat “Biscuits”

Refrain from eating biscuits, or cookies.

“Usually, at breakfast, we take two to four biscuits with tea or coffee,” says Shannon Henry, RD. “But, did you know that a high-fiber or digestible biscuit contains 30 to 40 calories? Here, you can envision how many calories are in a chocolate cream biscuit or cookie. Instead, all kinds of cookies, biscuits, rusks, are made with baking powder, sugar, and salt.”

Drink Plenty of Water

You wake up dehydrated, so always drink water in the morning to prevent related weight gain issues!

“Dehydration eliminates the signs of thirst and instead sends out signals of hunger, which allows you to overeat,” says Henry. “When your body is dehydrated the energy goes down and you feel tired. To refill that energy, you eat more and this eventually leads to weight gain.”

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