If you recently came back from vacation, hop back on the diet and exercise train with these three additional “reset” tips. They’ll help you get back into a rhythm so Phentermine 37.5mg does what it does best.

Amp Up Your Exercise Routine

Go a little “harder” with your exercise routine once you get back from vacation to avoid the dreaded workout plateau. Challenge yourself by intensifying whatever you are currently doing, such as swimming for 45 to 60 minutes instead of 30, or trying something completely different such as kickboxing or high intensity interval training. You’ll feel extra confident each time you successfully complete a workout.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep deprivation is hardly uncommon on vacation. Get some ‘zzzs to help your body regulate itself and to avoid affecting leptin levels. Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling the body its full, and less of it means you may overeat. Return to your normal sleep schedule as quickly as possible and aim for seven to eight hours a night for best results.

Take A Break From Alcohol

Alcohol is full of calories, especially beer, wine, and mixed drinks such as pina coladas and margaritas. Give your body a break from the alcohol to help yourself slim down faster after a long vacation. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions as well, which can make pizza, French fries, and other trans and saturated fat foods seem more appealing. So cut back on the booze for awhile–you’ll also sleep better and have more energy every day.

Remember not beat yourself up if you think you overindulged on vacation–focus on returning to your normal, healthy routine instead. After all, vacations are about having fun and eating/drinking things you normally wouldn’t!

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