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3 more things to do in the new year to lose weight

Help yourself lose the weight you want in the new year via more expert tips to stick with. All help Phentermine 37.5mg work as effectively as possible so you can enjoy a slimmer, trimmer you by summer.

Create an Eating Schedule

Make up an eating plan and follow it.

“Aim to eat every three to four hours and stick to the schedule,” says Ashley Reaver, RD. “This way, food does not happen to you, but rather you have some control over your food choices. Not every meal will be perfect, and that’s more than okay, but creating ‘guardrails’ on your diet can help to make those less-than-ideal meals way less frequent.”

Balance Meals and Snacks

Consume protein, healthy fat, and complex carbs at every meal.

“In every meal and snack, seek a balance of the three macronutrients: complex carbs, healthy unsaturated fats, and lean protein,” notes Rachel Fine, MS, RD. “Yes, that means you might need to break your fear of carbs or fat. Both have important roles in the body and when restricted, hormonal changes result in increased cravings. Carbs are critical for the body, providing the most efficient form of fuel, especially for exercise. Fat regulates hormones and helps us to feel satisfied.”

Focus on Choices Instead of Rules

Instead of making up a bunch of weight loss rules for yourself, try to make healthy choices as much as possible.

“Many studies have proven that food restrictions drive overeating. For example, with sugar, we feel intense cravings are a symptom of addiction. However, these cravings result from the moral value placed on sweets in our society. When sweets are placed on the ‘forbidden’ list, we subconsciously want them since we think we can’t have them,” Fine says.

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