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3 More “Bad” Carbs That Are Good For Weight Loss

Carbs might have a bad reputation in terms of weight loss, but some can help you shed pounds quickly! Learn about three more “bad” carbs that assist weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg


The under-ripe versions are partially advantageous for weight loss. 

“They’re a good source of satiating fiber and low in calories,” The Nutrition Twins say. “Underripe bananas contain resistant starch which is indigestible and helps to block the absorption of the carbs, which is obviously important when it comes to weight loss. Resistance starch has been found to improve insulin sensitivity which is a big deal because insulin insensitivity is linked to weight gain.”


Despite some claims, carrots do not feature sugar.

“[Carrots] have no added sugar, and in fact, fight the inflammation that sugar causes that makes weight loss harder and that leads to weight gain,” The Nutrition Twins say. “What’s more, fill up on two medium-sized carrots before a meal, and in only 48 calories, not only will you get four grams of fiber, [but also] anti-inflammatory nutrients like beta carotene, which is critical for healthy eyes and boosts immunity.”

Carrots are also high in water to help you stay satiated! Many people consume them before meals to avoid overeating. 


This root veggie is one of the healthiest, as they detoxify the body, help fight disease, and boost workout efforts. 

“A two-inch beet contains just 35 calories, 2.5 grams of fiber, and lots of water to fill you up, helping you to eat less of calorie-packed foods,” The Nutrition Twins note. “Beets also are a good source of nitrates, which lower inflammation by helping to remove damaging compounds from your blood.”

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