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3 life events that can cause weight gain & how to avoid it

Certain life events make weight gain more likely, whether they are happy or not. Things do not have to be “bad” to be stressful, so before you wonder what happened to your waistline, keep the following life events in mind during your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss journey:

Getting Laid Off

The shock of getting laid off can easily cause you to drown your sorrow in pints of ice cream. Rather than eating your feelings, look for new work and start a vigorous exercise regimen while you collect unemployment. Being unemployed is a great time to start exercising or up your current regimen so you burn more calories each day.

Moving In With Your Significant Other

Moving in with your partner is a delightfully happy time. However, it can often result in many takeout orders because you are too tired from work and moving at the end of each day to cook. The likelihood for weight gain increases further when your other half is a great cook and loves to make sumptuous meals. Deal with both of these issues by cooking ahead whenever possible so you have options for the week, and save the gourmet stuff for special occasions.

You Have A Baby

Having a baby is a huge life event that often puts exercise on the backburner. Breastfeeding is key to post-baby weight loss, so pump if you do not like the actual act or are otherwise having problems. Forget relying on convenience foods and (again) do food prep whenever possible so you have meals that are easy to heat up.

These and other major life events do not have to mean extra poundage! Keep up with your Phentermine intake, make healthy food decisions as much as you can, and don’t forget to exercise.

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