3 Holiday Eating Habits To Avoid - Drtohelp.com

The holiday season typically means attending numerous festive gatherings, which makes it easy to overeat and upset your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts. Help yourself make smart food choices this holiday season by reviewing the following bad eating habits.

Attending Parties On An Empty Stomach

While you might not get the opportunity to eat before you attend every holiday party, it is never a good idea to skip meals all day. Doing so makes overeating at the event almost inevitable. Arriving at any party on an empty stomach is not the calorie-conserving option you think it is, as it increases the chances of eating more sugar and refined flour foods because you’re hungry. Additionally, any alcohol you consume has more of an effect, often resulting in lowered inhibitions and poor food choices. Enjoy healthy meals featuring plenty of fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates before attending holiday parties–you’ll feel fuller for much longer and won’t get intoxicated too fast. 

Going Back For Seconds & Thirds

The amount of food available at most holiday shindigs can quickly result in going back for second, third, and even fourth helpings that your waistline does not need. Practice mindfulness at parties to avoid extra helpings–ask yourself if you are really hungry or simply eating the food because it is there. Boredom and stress can also contribute to overindulging. 

Focusing On The Sweets

Plentiful cakes, cookies, and brownies make tempting party treats, especially when you are hungry or craving something sweet. Again, eat before you go so you don’t fill up on treats that cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. Consume veggies and hummus at the party instead so you eat fewer sweets later on. 

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