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The debate continues concerning how well assorted weight loss apps work, however their effectiveness is often contingent on the user. If you feel a weight loss app is a helpful tool that will make your Phentermine 37.5mg journey easier, consider the following options…and good luck!

Lose It!

Developed by FitNow, Inc. and available to Android and iOS users, Lose It! Is a calorie-counting app with a helpful “quick add” feature. The feature lets you type in nutritional information such as the number of calories or carbs instead of listing each type of food you consumed that day. You can also take a picture of your empty plate and the app will make tailored suggestions. Other app benefits include setting goals and tracking your exercise progress.


Widely considered one of the best fitness apps, MyFitnessPal remains a highly-popular app option. It is also a calorie-counting app that makes logging your daily food and drink intake easy, as well as your exercise for the day. Additionally, the app features an impressive food database, barcode scanner, goal-setting feature, and nutrient tracker. There’s even an online community for sharing information and enjoying support from peers. Syncing the app with other fitness trackers is also possible. MyFitnessPal is available to Android and iOS users and was created by MyFitnessPal Inc.

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Another Android and iOS-compatible app, Fooducate Weight Loss Coach was developed by Fooducate, Ltd and tracks food intake and exercise. The app separates itself from the competition by analyzing your food’s nutritional content to help you make smarter choices. Food is graded before healthier meals are recommended based on what you already eat. The app also features a supportive online community similar to MyFitnessPal.

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